Annette’s Thanksgiving

Some great movies and shows about Thanksgiving, By The Light of The Silvery Moon (1953) being one of my favorites featuring a turkey sequence with Billy Gray.

I'm Annette!

Annette’s Thanksgiving


Doris Lee’s Thanksgiving (1935)
The Art Institute of Chicago
Photo courtesy of

 This painting is a favorite of mine! It is so homey, so cozy. It reminds me of dinners at my grandparent’s farmhouse when I was young.  My grandmother, mother, great-aunt, and aunts cooked up more than one delicious feast in that small Iowa kitchen. (I have been blessed to have grown up surrounded by wonderful cooks!)  I remember the delightful aroma that wafted from that country kitchen, as the sounds of friendly chatter and laughter joined in combination with the loving preparation of the upcoming meal.

This painting also celebrates my most favorite of holidays: Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving, a time when we take the day to give thanks to our God for all that He has given us, embrace the love of our family (All of my kiddies will be home this Thanksgiving week-end!!! :o)), and…

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