Aquarius: A Michael Moore Docu-Comedy Hidden Inside an Oliver Stone Movie All Wrapped Up In an X-Files Wannabe.

I found Aquarius (2015), starring David Duchovny, watchable, but not absorbing, not commanding my attention enough to easily follow the story. The 60’s are reasonably well simulated but with an occasional anachronistic phrase spoiling the effect.
Acting is fine. I like David Duchovny and if it starred someone I didn’t know, I wouldn’t have been able to keep watching past two episodes.
But the writing distracts us with too many subplots about other “’60s issues,” clouding the main story aimlessly. It seems like they’re trying to imply a bigger conspiracy behind what was already a horrible conspiracy. In true Hollywood fashion, trying to connect Manson via a fictional character to Nixon and any Republicans, even Reagan. A Michael Moore “docu-comedy” hidden inside an Oliver Stone movie all wrapped up in an X-files wannabe.
I didn’t get to see the last episode, Hulu doesn’t have it! 😦


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