A Piece of Martin Cann by Laurence M. Janifer.

A Piece of Martin Cann was very hard to get into and difficult to follow for the first 30 or 40 pages, which is written in a multiple viewpoint, stream-of-consciousness style. However I’m glad I plowed through it as it got better, gradually becoming clearer and easier to read with more conventional scenes, up to a satisfying ending with some clever little twists that made me smile. The story is about future psychiatric techniques that allow a team of doctors and nurses, wired to their catatonic patient in a flotation tank, to enter his mind, experience his imaginary world, try to influence him to heal, and possibly become infected with his illness — to take onto themselves a piece of Martin Cann.
This technique reminded me of the Jennifer Lopez movie The Cell (2000) so much I wondered if this is where they got the idea. I recommend the book to anyone who likes psychological dramas with the caveat that it’s hard to read and get into the first few chapters.


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